Selected Projects

Below you will find some of the projects I participated in. Roles and responsibilities varied, in most cases I was joining an already existing team to implement new features or to reimplement existing ones, optimize the database, improve overall architecture or even lead a transition to a completely new structure in the least painful way. Click project titles for details.
Worked as a part of a team, implementing features for the iPad version of Symantec's Digital Whiteboard app. Technology: Objective-C (2011)
Module for Drupal 6, that allows to find cheapest energy providers in Netherlands, meeting custom search criteria. Technology: Drupal 6, SOAP, memory-backed views (Views 3), jQuery - 2010
Web interface to; presenting analysis of the bio data. Project made for Fernando J. Pineda from the Johns Hopkins Whiting School, Dept. of Computer Science, Baltimore, MD, USA. Technology: perl / Catalyst (2010)
Rewrite of legacy web frontend written in perl to Ruby on Rails (2009)
Dealer-to-Buyer and Dealer-to-Dealer site focused on the US used and new office furniture market (2005 - ongoing)
Social Community Network Site - over 16M userbase (2005)
Conversion of a legacy ASPX site to a custom wordpress theme (2009)
Google Ads testing and optimization platform (2005)
Supply-chain management app, optimizing ordering of aircraft parts in a Kanban-based assembly environment. Technology: Java, Spring Web MVC, Hibernate, Jetty, Freemarker (2008)
A real-time AIM away messages collector (2005)
Integration of open source components into a bigger site (2004)
Implemented quests in an open-source clone of the Warlords II game (2004)