Marek Publicewicz
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Sulejkowska 60A/404

04-157, Warsaw, Poland

+48 608 532 439 (mobile)



2003 - 2004
Ph.D. studies at the Warsaw University of Technology (interrupted)

1996 - 2003
M.Sc. - Computer Science studies, IT faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology (M in Decision Support Systems). Focus on expert systems, mathematical optimization models and their applications in economy and IT.


September 2004
- presentation at the International Conference on Computational Science, Cracow, Poland.

May 2000
- presentation at the National Conference on Global Optimization and Evolutionary Algorithms, Ladek Zdroj, Poland.



Software Development



Consultant, Owner Ambisoft February 2006 - now
Senior J2EE Developer, Syncron International AB January 2007 - April 2008
Software Developer, FurnitureFinders LLC February 2006 - now (per-contract work)
Software Developer, BetterPPC Inc. August 2005 - January 2006
Senior Software Developer and System Administrator, Analizy Online LLC. May 2000 - May 2005
C programmer, Toni Poland LLC. June 1997 - December 1997

Selected Projects

Zorpia Community Site
Co-development of a dynamic multi-user, multilingual social networking website (currently over 14 million registered users).
LOGA - Aeronautical Logistics
Development of additional features and maintenance of a supply-chain management (Kanban-based) application for a Portugese customer.
co-created the biggest AIM away messages collector.
implementation of Quests functionality in the free Open Source clone of the turn-based Warlords II strategy game; language: C++, paragui toolkit.
Click Tracking and Analyzing System
multi-user marketing-related web application used to calculate profitability stats of internet campaigns and their attributes. Language: PHP4
PDF Hyperlink Annotator
implementation of a stand-alone tool which parsed PDF documents, analyzed the textual content, identified hyperlink-alike text phrases inside, made them clickable and visually distinguishible from the rest of the document. Language: Perl (no 3rd party PDF libraries used, implementation based solely on the Adobe PDF 1.4 specification)


Business of software, venture capital, running startups, application security, database internals, long-distance running, jazz music.